Not There Yet

One of these days I am going to run a sub 40 minute 5k.  One day.  I do realise that I can pretty much walk faster than I can run.  Sad but true.  Sad but increasingly less true and that’s what I have to hold on to.

Today was hot and I was tired.  And so a minute slower than my last 5k.  Pollyanna that I try to be I am telling myself that I my muscles were tired from other exercise so the next 5k will definitely be faster.


Distance: 5.04 km

Time: 41:23

Avg Pace: 8:13 min/km


Total Number of Streets: 639

Streets Completed: 19

Streets Left: 620



Perhaps the eighty percent rule does work.  It claims that if you eat healthy food 80% of the time then you can have what you like the rest of the time.  I haven’t been tracking very well or indeed eating very well this week as my mum is visiting and I like to treat her to nice things.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

But I have been trying quite hard to only indulge when we are somewhere nice.  So perhaps we may have had a bun while we were in town and maybe a glass or two of wine when we went out for our dinner but the other, hanging round the house meals, have been fairly reasonable.  My tactic has been to make soup for lunch and to make sure that whatever is served for dinner comes with a huge stack of vegetables.  Also, meals have to be planned, I’ve found, otherwise they magically turn into takeaway curry.

And it seems to have worked.  I didn’t get weighed last week so I was very nervous this week.  But, phew, 4.5 pounds down.  I am very happy with that.  Though I think I will try to be a bit more rigorous with the tracking anyway.  Already today I have had the remains of a packet of lucozade jelly beans (left over from the days when I could run for more than 5 kilometers) and a Nakd Choc and Orange bar (delicious!).

Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew

Which makes a pleasant change.  I normally do a lot of chewing.  Way too much chewing according to my ever tightening waistband.

But this time I could have, metaphorically, bitten off more than I can chew.  I have signed up for Juneathon.  Oh yes, apparently I’m going to change from exercising four times a week to seven times a week.  I don’t think it would be wise to start running seven days a week so I’m planning on running four or five times and follow the Gorilla exercise app on the other days.




What could possibly go wrong?

Arggggh, I don’t know what’s happening.

Gah, we had visitors at the weekend, my mum is here for a week, I’ve been running in and out of town to do chores and I haven’t been tracking or weighing myself.  I have no clue what is happening to my diet and I am feeling a bit twitchy about it. 

So, I’m having Bottom of the Fridge soup (today it is leeks, celery, leftover potatoes, lentils and a couple of tablespoons of leftover curry sauce) for lunch and spaghetti quornaise with lots of green salad for dinner.   Tomorrows is Weight Watchers weigh in day when all will become clear.  Fingers crossed that too many treats in Costa will have been offset by my one run.  Doesn’t seem awfully likely.

Get Running – Week One – Third Run

In an attempt to run faster I am trying to do one of those C25k programs replacing the walking with jogging and the running with, well, running.

Today went well. I’m glad I got up early and ran before breakfast as it’s already getting hot outside.

Ran for 1 min, jogged for 1.5 minutes repeated 8 times.

This is the first time I have managed to keep jogging in the breaks. Last time I had to walk for the last couple of intervals. So improvement there.

In an attempt to encourage me to get out the door I am trying to run down every street we have. I found a list of streets on the internet, though I have already found a few streets that aren’t on it, and have put them into a spreadsheet because that’s just the kind of obsessive project I like.

Total Number of Streets: 639
Number of Streets Run: 17
Streets Left: 622