Christmas Card Run

Ah, my favourite run of the year.  Finally, I have written some Christmas cards.  Then to save me the price of postage (Scrooge) I run round to and hand deliver them.  This year I delivered them first thing in the morning.  It was dark and foggy.  Nice in a way.  Atmospheric.

Lessons I have learned from Xmas Card Run 2012

  1. Dark writing on dark red envelopes is impossible to read under orange street lights.
  2. Vertically orientated letter boxes are a pain in the bum if the hinge is at the top and is in anyway stiff.  Though being a bit short probably doesn’t help here either.
  3. Be very careful not to post two cards together.  It’s tricky to know by feel if you are wearing gloves.



Midnight Feast

I can’t help but think that if I’d gone to bed at a sensible time I wouldn’t have devoured that entire bar of chocolate at midnight.