Three Hour Dinners

I don’t know.  I think I’m tracking things fairly accurately and yet I seem to be eating all the time.  Hopefully this is just because I am eating more fruit and veg.  Still, I worry.

Also, the evening disintegrates into an extended feast.  I’ve been trying to eat with the children if I’m hungry instead of trying to wait until Mr. Less comes back from work but I find myself snacking after bedtime until his dinner.  I feel like I’m eating from five o’clock to eight o’clock.  Perhaps it won’t matter if I’ve spent the hour snacking on cucumber sticks and asparagus?  Time will tell.  Perhaps in the past I still ate for three hours but in those days it was left overs from the children’s dinner and cheese.  There was certainly wine.

It still seems wrong.  Not grown up.  Like something you would do the first week you move away from home.  Perhaps I should try to have all the snacky bits with dinner and get it over with.  Be too full to move.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I’ll know then if I’m on the right track or not.



And it was all going so well.

Oh, things felt like they were going well today but then they weren’t.

On the plus side

  • I had a sensible lunch with a huge quantity of salad
  • I did Day 3 of the Gorilla app exercises
  • I ate a reasonable sized dinner

On the negative side

  • I didn’t have any breakfast
  • I ate random scraps from the children’s dinners
  • Apparently there is no way I can only eat one (or two, or five) digestive biscuits.

I think I need to do something about the dinner situation.  The children eat around half five and the grown ups eat after eight.  This would be ok if this was exactly what happens but in reality what happens is that I start eating when I start making the first dinner and don’t stop until clearing up after the second dinner.

Also, according to everything everywhere, I should eat breakfast.