Juneathon – Day 1

Well not a great start but at least it was a start.

It’s half term so the day was filled with taking the girls out for a lovely long walk through …. No, no,  the weather is grim.  We managed to go into town,  go to two cafés and a bookshop and that was it.   So much food.   And so tasty.  Hmmmm.

By the time I’d gotten the girls to bed, made second dinner for the grown ups and had a glass of wine (this may not sound strictly necessary but did I mention that it’s half term and the weather is grim?) I had only the energy to do five minutes random body weight exercises.

Hopefully I’ll actually get out for a run tomorrow.   Fingers crossed and Garmin charged.


Every Post Is Just The Same

Start, stop, start, stop, start, stop.

This is a blog of a million starts. 

Here we go again.

(See what I did there)

Still here.

Granted I haven’t actually posted anything but I have been doing lots of exercise.   No really I have.   I’m using some money from my Mum (feels oddly wrong, how old am I?) to pay for a trainer once a week at the gym and running a couple of times a week.

Best thing recently?  Doing the Race For Life with my nine year old daughter.   She is very active so I knew she would get round but I assumed we’d have to stop a lot.  Ha, shows what I know.  We got round in 41 minutes which is a fine time for her first 5k specially when there was such a crowd to dodge through.  Cartwheeling over the finish line was a nice touch (her not me).

Last day of school today.  It’ll be interesting to see how we can fit my exercise in with having the girls at home all day. 

Here? Again?

Oh look, it’s the eighteenth “I really must do something about my weight” post in a row.

Seriously though, it’s getting a bit silly.

This time everything will be different.   No, don’t laugh, it will.  Oh, go on then, laugh away.

So, this time I am going to track what I eat and do some exercise.   Doesn’t sound too complicated.  I am going to run and I have joined a gym.   At the gym I have a trainer.  She seems lovely and very down to earth.  I’ve had one session with her and haven’t been able to move freely for two days.   I can’t tell yet if that is a good thing or not.

See you soon (no, really, I’m sure there’ll be more than one post this year).

January Progress

Lets not get too excited here but I’m actually making an effort not to stuff my face all day every day.  This can only be good, can’t it?

Part of me wants to sign up to some sort of weight loss plan.  Weight Watchers, the 5:2 Fasting diet or some other thing.  But I just can’t settle on anything.  And I don’t want to pay for anything either.  Which means that I’m going to wing it on my own.  For a while at least.  Until I change my mind – again.

I’m using My Fitness Pal (I’m womanoflesssubstance there if you want to friend me) to log my food at the minute but I’m not calculating the calories or fat content etc. in advance.  And I’m using The Walk app to encourage me to move a bit more in a casual, everyday way.  Any day now I’m going to start running again.  I’ve found a new map and I’m going to try to run the length of every street in this town!  That might take a while.

The Annual January Cliché

Goodness, is that the time.

Now, I know you will all (yes, I am aware I am talking to my own multiple personalities) be surprised to hear this but since I stopped blogging, stopped keeping track of my diet and stopped making any effort what so ever I have put on weight.  I know, I know, it is so very shocking.

And in keeping with the shock and awe of this post I am going to follow up with random clichés regarding January, a new year, a new start.  Yada, yada, yada.

I need to lose some weight.  I have put some on since the last time I seriously tried to get rid of it.  Not all of it has come back which is cheery but too much.

I need to do some exercise.  The wee ones are getting bigger, stronger, faster and I would like to be able to keep up with them.  At least now while they are still much smaller than I am.

So, here goes.  Again, again, again, again, again.