Ohhh, more excuses.

I’ll have you know I have done some exercise (ran once) and weighed in (new house scales which measure me half a stone lighter than any other).  And that is that.

It has not been a good summer for exercise and weight loss.  But it has been a good and a busy summer and I’m happy with that.  We have finished moving into a smaller house while our house is fixed so I can relax and get back to normality.  

Well, I could, except that I’m visiting my mum for a couple of weeks.  The main problem with this isn’t that healthy eating isn’t going to happen (though that is a problem) but that the girls wake her up in the morning instead of me.  Heaven.  But if I’m not up early then the chances of getting out of the house for a run diminish dramatically.

Finally, today, I managed to get my trainers on and head for the hills.  Lots of lovely hills.  Many hills.  To make things more interesting I used the Zombies Run app which never fails to amuse me (caveat: I have only used it twice – did I mention this hasn’t been a great summer for exercise?) and ran to one of the Game of Throne filming locations.  Didn’t bump into any dire wolves but the zombies did catch me!  Boo.  I blame those hills.

Now I can feel each and every individual muscle in my legs and bum.  And it feels fantastic!


Stay Fit Tips from Victoria Pendleton

I don’t know anything about being an Olympic class cyclist but I have a feeling that Victoria Pendleton’s fitness regime and even my ideal fitness regime have little in common.

With this in mind I clicked on Zest’s Victoria Pendleton’s Stay-fit Tricks with interest.  It appears that to be as fit as Victoria you have to spend two and a half hours in the morning in the gym and another three hours in the afternoon on the track.  That’s not really a stay-fit tip.

I don’t know.  I enjoyed the article.  It was interesting and informative.  And I like the sound of the giant Jaffa cake.  But I quibble about its title.  It’s less about staying fit and more about staying extremely fit.

She does sound marvelous.  I love the quote about being asked if she was unhappy with a silver medal in the World Championships – “and I’m thinking ‘it’s a silver medal at the world championships, how many silver medals have you got?’ “.

Yeah, that, that hasn’t been happening.

Yes, weight loss and fitness.  I can remember that once, in the far off and distant past, they were important parts of my life.  Now there is only summer holidays, the Olympics and moving house.  


Oh good god, moving house.  Lets not think of it and move our attention back to the utterly engrossing, fantastic, inspiring Olympics.  The house we are moving to (la, la, la, fingers in ears, can’t hear you say that I should be packing instead of typing, la, la, la) has a bigger garden than ours.  Considerably.  That combined with the fact that Girl 1 is obsessed with Mo Farah and Usain Bolt (not unreasonably) means that we have had a mini Olympics every time we go round.  

We do all the sports.  Sprinting, distance running, steeplechase, relay, long jump, dressage, synchronised swimming (what do our new neighbours think of us?), etc.  And after an epic session yesterday I woke up this morning to genuine exercise induced muscle ache.

Right, time for some weight lifting.  Or, as it might be better recognised, packing.

Runner 5

Oh, yes, it’s so much easier to run faster for longer when you know that the zombies are chasing you!

As an incentive to get back into the running habit again I downloaded the Zombies Run! app.  And it worked!  I went out and ran.  The app tells you a story about a post apocalyptic zombie overrun world.  Your helicopter crashes on the way to a secure little town and you have to run to it from the crash site.  In the town the radio operator can see where the zombies are and directs you to run faster every time they look like they are going to catch you.  The town’s doctor asks you to go via a disused hospital and pick up supplies.  It’s a very well done story and I definitely kept running just to see how it was going to end.  The only trouble was I got distracted by a crowd of zombies in the car park of the hospital and took two real life wrong turns and ran in completely the wrong direction.

I don’t know if the novelty will wear off quickly.  I want to go for a nice steady run next so I won’t be using the app again for a couple of days at least.  But I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.




Sneaking to Weight Watchers

Right, first of all I am not embarrassed to say that I am (meant to be) following the Weight Watchers plan.  I mention it on this blog all the time.  I don’t bring it up in conversation unless someone asks me how I’ve lost weight but I don’t mind doing so.  Normally the only problem with losing weight with Weight Watchers is that it is a bit dull.  Other people are only eating orange food or only eating when the second hand on the clock is pointing to a prime number.  I am trying to eat more vegetables and watch my portions sizes.  See, not that exciting to talk about.

But now the school holidays are here there is a problem looming.  How am I going to hide the Weight Watcher’s meetings from my six year old daughter?  I do not talk about weight at home.  I never talk about Weight Watcher’s when she is in ear shot.  I try to hide the scales.  We talk about food.  What is healthy, why we eat vegetables and all that.  We do not skimp on sugary treats when we are out but we don’t often have them at home.  Her favourite thing to do is run and do cartwheels.  She is happy the way she is.  I know that the rest of the world is going to come crashing into our lives at some stage and we are going to have to talk about diets and body image one day.  I would like that day to be a long way away.

I shudder to think of her in that little community hall room.  That queue of nervous women chatting about being naughty or good.  The table full of processed snack food.   The scales.  The before and after photos.  The value judgements.

So now I have a month of trying to arrange playdates on Wednesday morning so she doesn’t find out about my dirty secret.  Before the holidays I didn’t think twice about going to Weight Watcher’s but now it has become something to hide.  It feels shameful.  It feels like something to hide.  And I’ve started to wonder that if I’m trying to hide it from her then perhaps it really is something to be concerned about.

I want a meeting where we all go for a five mile run and then have a huge, healthy lunch.  I’d take her to that meeting in a heat beat.

The question then becomes not “Why I am worried about Weight Watcher’s?” but “Why can’t I live that life without Weight Watcher’s?”.

Which Olympic Athlete am I?

Well, it’s just a funny question anyway.  I’m the one who sits on the couch and types about running but doesn’t actually put on my trainers.  Which Olympic athlete is that?  I think we know the answer.

Anyway, going by height and weight I am most like Christine Ohuruogu.  In my dreams.  I suspect she is more muscle and less Cornish pastie.


The Blog of a Thousand Fresh Starts

I was going to title this post The Blog of a Million Fresh Starts but then I realised that I’ll probably want to use that title later this year.

Anyway, my confidence is dwindling.  The summer holidays are here so Girl 1 is with me FOR EVERY WAKING HOUR.  I love her, love her, do but there is no escape from talk about Rainbow Fairies and Kung Fu Panda.  Plus we are moving to a much smaller house  while we get this one fixed up a bit.  Now I realise that might sound like our own house is quite big but in reality it means that the other house is very tiny.  Everything has to be moved to either the tiny house or into storage.  My mother is coming to help which is marvelous but will lead to us wanting to throttle each other and also to lots of curries.

Where will I find time to run, blog, track, obsessively read other weight loss and fitness blogs?  Where?  I shall have to have a normal life.  A life like my friends and family.  A life where I actually turn the computer off.  I’m not sure I can take the culture shock.

Weigh in on my scales this morning: 10 stones 11 pounds.  That’s up three pounds on my recent lowest weight but given my lifestyle recently I’m not distressed about it.