Juneathon – Day 20

Oh, running.  I love it in principle but this week I have failed to get out of bed and leave the house.  And so another day passes and I rely on the Gorilla app again to lead me through another set of bodyweight exercises.

Three repeats of:

  • 20 modified push ups
  • 10 dead insects

Token Gesture Juneathon – Day 8

I have a cold, my children are off for half term, I was busy all day …. la, la, la.  It is past bedtime by a long way and I have done no exercise all day.

Any second now I’m going to leap off the couch and do some exercise because I’d be annoyed at myself if I didn’t.  But its not going to involve my arms or shoulders because, and yes I think I did whinge about this yesterday, it turns out that push ups are real exercise and  if you do more than you are used to (>0) everything aches the next day (or two).  God, how I love parentheses.

Any second now ……

Seriously, here I go ….

Whhheeeeee! I actually moved.  It’s a miracle.

Well, that was interesting.  Gorilla Day 9 was all squats and crunches.  And apparently the push ups work your stomach muscles as well?  Oh yes, and there I was just worrying about never being able to lift my arms above should height again.  Turns out my stomach has had a bit of a work out as well.  All good as long as I can go to bed now and not have to move for a few hours (or days).

Juneathon – Day 7

I rested on my laurels after yesterdays personal best extravaganza and gave my shins a rest.  Instead I did the next Gorilla app workout.  10 repeats of 10 squats/10 modified push ups.  Oh, those push ups are hard.  I had to have a sit down afterwards.