Back to Reality

Ah, another summer holiday comes and goes.  There was plenty of exercise as the children are obsessed with who is the fastest runner and so we run a lot.  But there was also a lot of ice cream and beer.  And lets not fool ourselves here, it takes a lot of running to counter act a Cornish Pasty.

Tomorrow I will get back on the scales and see the damage.  And then I will attempt to unpack and tidy the house.  Every time we go on holiday we leave the place looking like a tip.  I suspect burglars have been round, peeked through the windows and decided that the place had already been turned over.  No, just us and our manic packing.


What would Juneathon do?

So for the last couple of nights I have tweeted that I was going to go for a run in the morning and then didn’t.  This morning was shaping up to be exactly the same.  Bigger daughter had crawled into our bed in the middle of the night ensuring that there was no sleep to be had and then I kept hitting snooze until twenty to six.


Anyway, I thought I would get up and have a bath and enjoy the peace and quiet of a house full of sleeping people.  But when I got downstairs the spirit of Juneathon came to me.  So what if I only had time to run for twenty minutes, or even ten minutes.  It was getting trainers on and leaving the house that counted.  And so I did.  The weather is uncharacteristically lovely.  So I went out and ran round the streets to look at some houses I’m interested in.

Didn’t go far, didn’t go fast, but I did go!

And now I need to go and wash!

  • Distance: 2.77 km
  • Time: 22:11
  • Avg Pace: 8:00 min/km

  • Total Number of Streets: 645
  • Streets Completed: 71
  • Streets Left: 574
  • Percentage Complete: 11.01

Grinding to a Halt.

Beeminder Graph 16/07/2012

I know, I know that weight loss slows down.  That those first heady couple of weeks when everything is tracked, everything is wholewheat, everything is cooked from fresh don’t last forever.

But look a the graph.  My weight loss goes down, down, down and then BUMP! It stops going down.  Granted it hasn’t started going up but we aren’t in maintenance yet!  Things have ground to a halt.  Every day I start thinking that this day is the day I will start afresh and every day I don’t have breakfast until ten o’clock and it’s all down hill from there.

Today I shall start afresh.  Even though I had breakfast at ten.  Honest, guv.

PS. I’m using to graph the changes in my weigh.  I started because I wanted to see over all trends rather than just the up and down jags of every day but I particularly like the rose coloured dots that only show the good news!

Breakfast Rehabiting

Ok, so I am a bit surprised to find out how easy it was to lose the breakfast habit.  Today I am a bit hungover so breakfast is going to be fast and comforting.  Toast, peanut butter and hopefully a banana (depending on the state of the fruit bowl).

I have an extra child staying with me for the morning which sounds like it should be more work but it turns out that two small children tend to entertain each other … otherwise I wouldn’t have the time to write this.  My plan, if you can call it that, is to see if they will make and eat that banana ice cream thing that is popular on the internet.  I’ve never done it before but there is real ice cream in the fridge as backup.

Yesterday was a terrible day for healthy eating.  I had a visitor who would only eat pies or pizza so eating out was restricted to those.  Pizza Hut spicy vegetarian pizza eaten while sitting out in the park turned out to be surprisingly nice.  I haven’t been to Pizza Hut in years and it was much nicer than expected.  And then later on I went out for drinks without having had dinner beforehand which is never really wise but there you go.


Wednesday Weigh In – The Wrong Direction

Hmmmm, so official Weight Watchers weigh in day today.  I am worryingly relieved to find that, although my weight has gone in the wrong direction, I have only put on half a pound.  Not good but not what I feel I deserved for a week of eating all sorts of random food.

Remember that breakfast habit.  So do I.  I fondly remember it.  Turns out that all I need is a week or two of being ill and prioritising bed over breakfast for me to lose that habit again. It isn’t helped by the warm (if wet) weather which doesn’t really suit porridge.  I think that I will start this habit again and have an ad hoc muesli of oats, nuts/seeds and chopped fresh fruit with skimmed milk.  That shouldn’t take longer to make than the porridge did.

And I need to start exercising again soon.  I did some bodyweight exercises on Sunday and had to spend the afternoon in bed (though these things are possibly not directly related).  But I’m feeling much better now.  So perhaps tomorrow I’ll go out for a nice slow run in the morning.  I miss Juneathon.

Goal for the week: Eat breakfast at breakfast time

Nearly Well

I am nearly well and so is all my family.  Sigh.  We have spent the last couple of weeks sharing a bad cold and cough.  As soon as one of us gets well another one gets ill.  It has all been a bit draining.  And because when we are ill we need lots of vitamins and rest I have been eating nothing but biscuits and haven’t been going to bed until twelve.  Why exactly do I do this?  I am more (way more) than old enough now to know that this is silly and yet there I am at half eleven putting off going to bed.

So, once again, I am starting afresh.  And the things I am going to do are:

  • Eat breakfast at breakfast time (not after school run!)
  • Do some exercise every day (even a miniscule amount)
  • Go to bed before tomorrow.

Right, a couple of days of that to let those good habits settle in and then we’re going to have to talk about the Five Portions a Day plan and why I think I was wrong to choose it as the next good habit.

Weighed in at the WW meeting on Wednesday and the news was better than I had expected.  Stayed the same at 10 stone 10 which is the lightest I have been since babies.

Also, I signed up for this Diet Bet thing an age ago and have just got an email inviting me to a game (game?  really?).  I don’t know, I sign up for these things on a whim and never really investigate them.  I think I might have a go and see what it’s like.