Ohhh, more excuses.

I’ll have you know I have done some exercise (ran once) and weighed in (new house scales which measure me half a stone lighter than any other).  And that is that.

It has not been a good summer for exercise and weight loss.  But it has been a good and a busy summer and I’m happy with that.  We have finished moving into a smaller house while our house is fixed so I can relax and get back to normality.  

Well, I could, except that I’m visiting my mum for a couple of weeks.  The main problem with this isn’t that healthy eating isn’t going to happen (though that is a problem) but that the girls wake her up in the morning instead of me.  Heaven.  But if I’m not up early then the chances of getting out of the house for a run diminish dramatically.

Finally, today, I managed to get my trainers on and head for the hills.  Lots of lovely hills.  Many hills.  To make things more interesting I used the Zombies Run app which never fails to amuse me (caveat: I have only used it twice – did I mention this hasn’t been a great summer for exercise?) and ran to one of the Game of Throne filming locations.  Didn’t bump into any dire wolves but the zombies did catch me!  Boo.  I blame those hills.

Now I can feel each and every individual muscle in my legs and bum.  And it feels fantastic!


Runner 5

Oh, yes, it’s so much easier to run faster for longer when you know that the zombies are chasing you!

As an incentive to get back into the running habit again I downloaded the Zombies Run! app.  And it worked!  I went out and ran.  The app tells you a story about a post apocalyptic zombie overrun world.  Your helicopter crashes on the way to a secure little town and you have to run to it from the crash site.  In the town the radio operator can see where the zombies are and directs you to run faster every time they look like they are going to catch you.  The town’s doctor asks you to go via a disused hospital and pick up supplies.  It’s a very well done story and I definitely kept running just to see how it was going to end.  The only trouble was I got distracted by a crowd of zombies in the car park of the hospital and took two real life wrong turns and ran in completely the wrong direction.

I don’t know if the novelty will wear off quickly.  I want to go for a nice steady run next so I won’t be using the app again for a couple of days at least.  But I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.