Nearly Monday

And we all know what Monday means?  Yes, it’s that new beginning that I promise myself every weekend.  This Monday I will exercise, eat more veg, drink more water, track, weight, diet, preen, pluck … I may have gotten a bit carried away with that sentence.

But, cliche aside, that is the plan.  Sandi, here, describes how she plans to keep a diary and see if that helps.  I like this plan.  I’ve often kept a diary and it has often been useful so I have found a notebook and a pen and started.  So far it does not mention food, exercise or personal growth.  Instead it is all about my family.  I think I may have missed my own point.


Ha, Ha, Ha, Here We Go Again. Again.

You know I was all optimistic on Sunday.  Fah to yet another “New Start” post, I thought.  I’ll go for a run and start tracking on Monday and write about that.  And lo that is what has come to pass!

So I went for a run.  That was nice.  No really it was.  I covered nearly 10k in 1:16.  Not bad for me.  I had a look at my previous 10k times and it’s pretty good.  This time last year my 10k time was 1:33.

Of course, things are not all sunshine and roses.  I have injured my foot.  I tripped over a curb a couple of weeks ago (sober! even more embarrassing!) and I thought it was better but apparently not.  I’m not sure if it’s worth going to the doctors.  I’ll rest it up for a couple of days and see what happens.  I suspect that wearing nothing but the same old pair of Converse for the last three months hasn’t been helping my feet either.  And I need a new pair of running shoes.  I have a plan.  The plan is to rest my feet for the next few days and use the time wisely to search the internet for new shoes.

I am seriously miffed about my foot.  There is no two ways about it.  If I run I am happier, I eat better, I am more organised.  I must, must try to get round this.  The entire endeavor should not be abandoned just because one part isn’t going well.

False Start

Ahhhhhh, birthdays, cakes, visitors, half term, a bad cold, distractions, distractions, excuses, excuses ….

So, basically, I have not tracked a single days worth of eating.  I have managed a couple of half hearted runs.

This is not the new start I have been looking for.

Things are going to be busy here this weekend. Cakes, birthdays, visitors, colds, Halloween, excuses, excuses.

But next week, next week there will be a new start.

First, I’m going to have a lemsip, a glass of brandy and a slice of cake.

Doomed, doomed I tell you.