Turns Outs It’s Fun to Run

Oh, I knew this already.  I knew that it would improve my mood and even help my sinuses.  And yet I have only managed one or two runs a month since the beginning of the summer.  Ridiculous.

So, this morning I got up early enough to run, shower and start breakfast before Mr Less had to leave for work.  It was dark (where are my flashing reflective arm band thingys?).  It was cold (where are my gloves?).  It was half past five.  Good god.

Anyway, it was also marvellous.  I set out running at the pace I would like to run and it was fabulous.  Not that that pace lasted, of course, but for a couple of minutes at the beginning I was flying.  Later on I slowed right down.  Oh, so slow.  I guess that that was particially because I haven’t run since June and particially because I started off too fast.  But I still feel that it was worth starting off fast for the sheer joy of flying.

I think I’ll do it again.  Just not tomorrow.


Total Number of Streets: 649
Streets Today: 14 (A Personal Best!)
Streets Completed: 87
Streets Left: 562
Percentage Completed: 13.41


Distance: 5.30 km
Time: 43:01
Avg Pace: 8:07 min/km
Elevation Gain: 25 m
Calories: 366 C

Juneathon – Day 12

So tired.  Very, very tired.  So I’m going to type this up and head to bed.  No, that’s not quite right.  I’m going to type this up, get my running kit ready for tomorrow and then go to bed.  Lovely, lovely bed.  Why do my children hate bed so?

Got up hideous early this morning and did the third run in the second week of the Get Running app.  Run for 1.5 mintes.  Jog for 2 minutes.  Repeat 6 times.

A much better performance than the last time I attempted these intervals.  Didn’t have to walk at all though one of the jogs was slower than most walks.  Still, lets not quibble.  On wards and up  wards.

  • Distance: 3.30 km
  • Time: 25:15
  • Avg Pace: 7:39 min/km
  • Total Number of Streets: 643

  • Streets Completed Today: 4
  • Streets Completed: 48
  • Streets Left: 595
  • Percentage Completed: 7.47


Juneathon – Day 1

Hurrah, I have a 100% Juneathon  success rate!  Lets see how long that lasts!

Got up early and did some intervals.  I’m now doing Week 2 of the Get Running Cto5k app plan.  Run for 1.5 minutes, jog for 2 minutes.  Repeat 6 times.  Hard but doable.

Every day there is more and more Jubilee bunting up.  It’s cheery.  The bunting factories of China must have been very busy or am I being a horrible cynic and it’s really all locally made?

Distance: 3.32 km

Time: 25:54

Avg Pace: 7:48 min/km


Total Number of Streets: 641

Streets Completed: 27

Streets Left: 614



Not There Yet

One of these days I am going to run a sub 40 minute 5k.  One day.  I do realise that I can pretty much walk faster than I can run.  Sad but true.  Sad but increasingly less true and that’s what I have to hold on to.

Today was hot and I was tired.  And so a minute slower than my last 5k.  Pollyanna that I try to be I am telling myself that I my muscles were tired from other exercise so the next 5k will definitely be faster.


Distance: 5.04 km

Time: 41:23

Avg Pace: 8:13 min/km


Total Number of Streets: 639

Streets Completed: 19

Streets Left: 620

Get Running – Week One – Third Run

In an attempt to run faster I am trying to do one of those C25k programs replacing the walking with jogging and the running with, well, running.

Today went well. I’m glad I got up early and ran before breakfast as it’s already getting hot outside.

Ran for 1 min, jogged for 1.5 minutes repeated 8 times.

This is the first time I have managed to keep jogging in the breaks. Last time I had to walk for the last couple of intervals. So improvement there.

In an attempt to encourage me to get out the door I am trying to run down every street we have. I found a list of streets on the internet, though I have already found a few streets that aren’t on it, and have put them into a spreadsheet because that’s just the kind of obsessive project I like.

Total Number of Streets: 639
Number of Streets Run: 17
Streets Left: 622