Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew

Which makes a pleasant change.  I normally do a lot of chewing.  Way too much chewing according to my ever tightening waistband.

But this time I could have, metaphorically, bitten off more than I can chew.  I have signed up for Juneathon.  Oh yes, apparently I’m going to change from exercising four times a week to seven times a week.  I don’t think it would be wise to start running seven days a week so I’m planning on running four or five times and follow the Gorilla exercise app on the other days.




What could possibly go wrong?

3 thoughts on “Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew

  1. Don’t you just love the random surprise that is ‘the weigh in’ sometimes there is no logic. I think my scales are a few days behind. Like it takes that long for them to think, “no… I was perhaps a bit harsh on him the other day, he dot seem a BIT lighter… Ok, well I’ll take a bit more off for him today, even though he’s been a bit of a porker… I’m sure he won’t then equate today’s apparent weight loss to eating an entire packet of Haribo in one sitting!”

  2. I’m planning on 4 days running and 3 days crosstraining so I’ll be with you on that one. Although saying that last Janathon I ran every day and I’d only just taken up running! Good Luck.

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