Breakfast Rehabiting

Ok, so I am a bit surprised to find out how easy it was to lose the breakfast habit.  Today I am a bit hungover so breakfast is going to be fast and comforting.  Toast, peanut butter and hopefully a banana (depending on the state of the fruit bowl).

I have an extra child staying with me for the morning which sounds like it should be more work but it turns out that two small children tend to entertain each other … otherwise I wouldn’t have the time to write this.  My plan, if you can call it that, is to see if they will make and eat that banana ice cream thing that is popular on the internet.  I’ve never done it before but there is real ice cream in the fridge as backup.

Yesterday was a terrible day for healthy eating.  I had a visitor who would only eat pies or pizza so eating out was restricted to those.  Pizza Hut spicy vegetarian pizza eaten while sitting out in the park turned out to be surprisingly nice.  I haven’t been to Pizza Hut in years and it was much nicer than expected.  And then later on I went out for drinks without having had dinner beforehand which is never really wise but there you go.



Wednesday Weigh In – The Wrong Direction

Hmmmm, so official Weight Watchers weigh in day today.  I am worryingly relieved to find that, although my weight has gone in the wrong direction, I have only put on half a pound.  Not good but not what I feel I deserved for a week of eating all sorts of random food.

Remember that breakfast habit.  So do I.  I fondly remember it.  Turns out that all I need is a week or two of being ill and prioritising bed over breakfast for me to lose that habit again. It isn’t helped by the warm (if wet) weather which doesn’t really suit porridge.  I think that I will start this habit again and have an ad hoc muesli of oats, nuts/seeds and chopped fresh fruit with skimmed milk.  That shouldn’t take longer to make than the porridge did.

And I need to start exercising again soon.  I did some bodyweight exercises on Sunday and had to spend the afternoon in bed (though these things are possibly not directly related).  But I’m feeling much better now.  So perhaps tomorrow I’ll go out for a nice slow run in the morning.  I miss Juneathon.

Goal for the week: Eat breakfast at breakfast time

The Breakfast Club

I don’t want to get too cocky about this but the breakfast habit is increasingly entrenched.  I had planned to go wild at the weekend and have poached eggs and crumpets but when it came to getting out a pot I decided to just have porridge and fruit again.  Long may this last.

It seems definite now that eating porridge for breakfast makes a huge difference.  I’ve tried other breakfasts from the Weight Watchers magazine and although they were lovely none of them beat porridge and fruit for ease and for satiety.

That said, if I do some exercise in the morning after breakfast time I feel hungry again by half past ten.  The first week I tried to just have a little snack and stick it out until lunch time but this turned out to be really hard and did lead me to want to eat every single thing in the house.  This week I am trying to have a very early lunch around eleven instead.  I suspect this will mean that I eat my dinner with the children instead of with Mr. Less but that’s not really a problem.

The Breakfast Habit – Days 5, 6 and 7

Yeah, there might be something in this breakfast malarky.

On days 5 and 6 I had a good sensible breakfast.  Porridge and cherries.  Easiest breakfast ever.  I cook the oats and water with some salt and cinnamon in the microwave for three minutes.  Then I add a handful of frozen cherries and zap in the microwave for another couple of minutes until the cherries are warm.  Yummy.

On day 7 I was in a mad hurrah and just had a crumpet and marmite for breakfast.  And then ate my way through a packet of Bakewell Tarts, chocolate and every unhealthy thing I could find in the house.   Co-incidence?  I’m really not sure but I’ll be looking out for that sort of thing happening again.

I think I will have another week concentrating on breakfast before moving on to the next habit.  It has such an impact on the rest of the day that I want to get the habit well ingrained.

The Breakfast Habit – Days 3 and 4

Wheeeeeee hooooo.  Another two days of breakfast.  On Friday I stuck to the, hopefully becoming traditional, porridge and fruit but on Saturday I went all out and made a cooked breakfast.  Ah, the days of jumbo fry ups are past.  I used one of those poach pod thingys to poach an egg, toasted a crumpet and smeared it with a tiny bit of marmite, surrounded it with grilled tomatoes and topped it with a thinly sliced scallion.  It looked fantastic.  And it was undoubtedly healthier than my traditional left over pizza breakfast of yore.

Speaking of pizza.  Friday night is pizza night in our house.  And I’m going to try really hard to keep it that way.  I can see it evolving towards smaller pizzas but at the moment thats it.  It’s the one night a week we know that we aren’t going to have to cook or clean up afterwards.  It’s like a tiny holiday.  And, normally we would have pizza leftovers to snack on the next day.  That snacking will be the part that gets changed.  This week we got around it by Mr. Less having the left overs for his dinner the following night because I was out on the town with some friends.

So, yes, on the first week of healthy eating there was pizza night closely followed by night on the town.  And night on the town was lovely, we had lots of fizzy drinks and there was a selection of little nibbley, delightful foods.  I tried to eat slowly and only to eat things I actually loved.  I didn’t seem to drink slowly at all but the beauty of cheap fizz is that they serve it in champagne flutes which don’t seem to have suffered from the wine glass supersizing of the last decade.

I’ve been weighting myself every day.  I know, I know, I’m really not meant to do this but there you go.  And I seem to have managed the two big food nights ok.  I have been really careful during the day not to snack (snack, snack, lovely snack – sung to the tune of the Spot the dog cartoon) during the day and have lunched on soup.  On Friday I made the best soup I have ever made – Roast Tomato and Butternut Squash.  I’ve probably been very lucky to be doing the breakfast habit this week as I might have tried to cut breakfast and that would almost certainly have been a very bad idea.

The Breakfast Habit – Day 2

Ohhhhh, breakfast two days in a row.  Go me!

I’m not following the Weight Watchers Easy Start meal by meal because a) I’m just not that organised b) it doesn’t fit in so well with the needs of the rest of my family (picky, picky, picky children).  None the less most of my meals will be coming from the booklet so we’ll see how that goes.

Today the plan is porridge for breakfast, stir fry for lunch and pasta and quorn bolagnaise for dinner.  Sounds ok.  My only worry, apart from not endlessly snacking, is that I’m taking the Little Lessers to a cafe for their dinner this evening.  A cafe that has a display cabinet full of homemade (cafe-made?) delights.  Time to read the reams of Weight Watchers blurb and find a reasonable snack.

The Breakfast Habit – Day 1

I actually ate breakfast.  And I am all pleased with myself.  Yes, this is all it takes these days to boost my self-esteem.  Yogurt and home made granola.  Nothing too wild or whacky.

And then I went to a real live actual Weight Watchers meeting and stood on a scale and got a card and a calculator and enough leaflets to keep me reading until next week.

Today at Weight Watchers I learned that I really need to invest in some new socks.