Juneathon – Day 1

Hurrah, I have a 100% Juneathon  success rate!  Lets see how long that lasts!

Got up early and did some intervals.  I’m now doing Week 2 of the Get Running Cto5k app plan.  Run for 1.5 minutes, jog for 2 minutes.  Repeat 6 times.  Hard but doable.

Every day there is more and more Jubilee bunting up.  It’s cheery.  The bunting factories of China must have been very busy or am I being a horrible cynic and it’s really all locally made?

Distance: 3.32 km

Time: 25:54

Avg Pace: 7:48 min/km


Total Number of Streets: 641

Streets Completed: 27

Streets Left: 614