What would Juneathon do?

So for the last couple of nights I have tweeted that I was going to go for a run in the morning and then didn’t.  This morning was shaping up to be exactly the same.  Bigger daughter had crawled into our bed in the middle of the night ensuring that there was no sleep to be had and then I kept hitting snooze until twenty to six.


Anyway, I thought I would get up and have a bath and enjoy the peace and quiet of a house full of sleeping people.  But when I got downstairs the spirit of Juneathon came to me.  So what if I only had time to run for twenty minutes, or even ten minutes.  It was getting trainers on and leaving the house that counted.  And so I did.  The weather is uncharacteristically lovely.  So I went out and ran round the streets to look at some houses I’m interested in.

Didn’t go far, didn’t go fast, but I did go!

And now I need to go and wash!

  • Distance: 2.77 km
  • Time: 22:11
  • Avg Pace: 8:00 min/km

  • Total Number of Streets: 645
  • Streets Completed: 71
  • Streets Left: 574
  • Percentage Complete: 11.01

Juneathon Fail

Booooo!  We have spent the last fortnight taking turns being ill.  And if the children are ill and can’t sleep then they like to share that with the grown ups.  And so the end of Juneathon came and went and I did nothing but wipe noses and grouch about not being able to take a sickie and stay in bed.  The most annoying thing about being a stay at home mother (apart from having to call myself a SAHM) is the absence of sick leave.  Children are relentless is their need to be fed, clothed and looked after.

Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Apart from fizzling out at the end I really enjoyed Juneathon.  I’m definitely planning on doing the January version and I hope to do a bit more running as well.  Sheer, lovely, optimism.

On a more positive note I did the local Race for Life and managed to do it in just over 35 minutes which isn’t bad considering just how much dodging round people you have do.  My biggest ambition is to start with the runners.  Perhaps next year.  The weather is always lovely for the RfL and as always it took me two hours to go from scarlet to my normal pallid skin colour.  Thank goodness for long peaked caps.  I’m definitely going to treat myself to a pair of running sunglasses.

Juneathon – Day 28 – I nearly surrender

Still no running.  I’d nearly forgotten (how?) that I’m meant to be doing the Race For Life this weekend.  Sadly its on Sunday so it won’t count as a Juneathon run.  

The plan was to Gorilla bodyweight exercises yesterday, run this morning, run Friday morning, Gorilla on Saturday as official taper (as if the last week hasn’t been all taper and nothing else) and the race (snort!) on Sunday.  

The plan went well at the beginning.  Yesterday I Gorilla-ed and that was fine.  But then, after setting my alarm clock for hideous o’clock, my littlest daughter kept me awake for most of the night claiming to be afraid of the dark and that she needed breakfast at ten to four.  Suffice it to say that as soon as she had finally settled I turned off the alarm and slept until it was actually breakfast time.  

I seriously considered just throwing in my hand (is that a real saying?) and giving up on Juneathon.  But it would be a bit sad at this stage not to do something for the last couple of days.

Juneathon Day 28

Gorilla App

6 repeats of:

  • 10 Kneeling Kickups
  • 15 Wall push ups

Juneathon Day 21 (Wimped) and 22 (Ran!)

Yeah, yesterday I still didn’t have my mojo back.  It got to half past eleven so I did another Gorilla app workout and went to bed.

6 repeats of:

  • 15 squats
  • 5 crunchs


Today I actually got up after my alarm went off at five.  I probably would have switched it off and rolled over the but the littlest Less started grouching so I got up to check on her.  She had lost her blanket but was happy to be tucked back in and went back to sleep immediately.  Oh, it is so much easier, if less snuggly, that the days of babies when they would need to be fed, rocked and sang if there was to be any hope of more sleep.  

But I was up anyway so off I went for a speedy 5k.  Speedy for me, that is.  I felt like I was running just above my comfort level for the whole thing so that’s good.  I hope.  I really want to push on, to run a bit faster but I find I’m having to convince myself that a little discomfort is ok.  I think I associate being out of breath with not being able to run another step when in fact it is possible to be a bit puffed and still keep going.  I still had it in me to speed up a bit for the last half km so there must have been something left in the tank.


  • Distance: 5.05 km 
  • Time: 37:13 
  • Avg Pace: 7:22 min/km

  • Total Number of Streets: 645
  • Streets Completed: 63
  • Streets Left: 582
  • Percentage Completed: 9.77

Juneathon – Day 20

Oh, running.  I love it in principle but this week I have failed to get out of bed and leave the house.  And so another day passes and I rely on the Gorilla app again to lead me through another set of bodyweight exercises.

Three repeats of:

  • 20 modified push ups
  • 10 dead insects

Juneathon – Days 18 and 19

I seem to have a mild cold that is making me snivel constantly and has given me a slightly irritated throat.  And because of this I am acting like I am about to go down with the flu.  I am a wimp.

I have managed to do some exercise every day but yesterday I could not muster the energy to even type a single sentence.  I did find the energy to attempt to do some hill sprints.  Just for fun.  I think I need a steeper hill, or one without side roads that I have to stop at, to run faster or perhaps I just needed to do a few more.  I had a speedy glance at the internet (yes, the whole thing) before I left the house and the general consensus was that three sprints of 8-10 seconds would be more than enough.  They were hard and at the end it took a good long street’s worth of walking to get my breath back but I expected some more muscle fatigue.

Actually, I think my lungs may be much less fit than my legs.  Perhaps that’s it.  Seems likely.

Today I was feeling sorry for myself so when I had unloaded the girls at their educational establishments I went straight home, did a Gorilla app workout and then lay down until it was time to collect them.

Juneathon Day 18

  • Distance: 3.61 km
  • Time: 27:04
  • Avg Pace: 7:29 min/km


Juneathon Day 19

4 Repeats of:

  • 15 Squats
  • 10 Supermans
  • 5 Modified Push Ups

Juneathon – Day 17 – Exhausted by Small Exhausted Girls

Ok, ok, so no running today.  It is Father’s Day so my morning was taken over by the making of bacon butties and encouraging the ever elaborate plans of my daughters (we’ll make Dad a card, we’ll make him two cards, we’ll make him a comic, we’ll take a photo of him and put it in the comic, we’ll dress him up while he sleeps then take a photo of him to put in the comic … or perhaps we’ll just do dressing up ourselves).

We took the girls to the swimming pool this morning.  The older one progressed to the next Stage and got a certificate, swimming hat and badge.  Oh and the undying envy of her sister.  So there was an hour and a half in the pool during which I swam 10 proper, no children helping, lengths.  I think I need to get a couple of lessons or at the very least find some online videos.  My stroke is all over the place and I don’t even know enough to know what to aim for.

And then after that we took the girls to the County Fair for the rest of the day.  Funfair rides, bouncy castles, knights, all manner of farm animals, ice creams and perhaps even a little glass of cider for the grown ups right at the end.  The girls were shattered by the time we headed for home.  You could tell the youngest was exhausted by the weeping.  The older one looked tired but still managed to do a 100 metre sprint and a thousand cartwheels on the way home.  The grown ups were exhausted from just watching it all.

Exercise today:

  • 10 lengths of the swimming pool
  • Over an hour of playing in the pool with the small girls
  • An entire day watching small girls have more fun that you could imagine
  • The bedtime of the hysterical, overexcited, completely exhausted small girls