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Ok, Christmas and the season of massive over indulgence is over.  My chest infection is clearing up nicely (hurrah for modern medicine!) but has stopped me obsessing about Janathon.  Time to think about my belly again.

Over Christmas I thought about what was stopping me (apart from Christmas) losing weight.   I originally wrote “stopping me eating better” but lets be honest here about our motivations. It seems a bit silly but I stopped trying to lose weight as soon as my scales when into storage (oh when will I ever live in my own house again?).  Then I tried to use the Wii Fit as a scale but the palaver of switching everything on, finding the controller and then going through the gazillion screens until I got to the speak your weight one was too much hassle.  Plus I lived in constant fear that I would forget to mute the TV before I started causing the cheery little tune to ring out, wake the children and cause my living room to be filled with small girls demanding Mario Cart before breakfast.

Now, correlation implies causation and all that.  Perhaps it was just coincidence that I ran out of steam just when we put most of our belongings into storage.  But it was so easy to remedy this one that it seemed foolish not to give it a go.  Sainsbury’s had bathroom scales on sale in their seasonal aisle so that was that.


Wednesday Weigh In

Ah, last week I said that we (the weighing in public) thought that the scales were wonky.  And so it turns out that they were.  Accord to the official scales I lost 1.5 pounds last week and put it back on again this week.  Ha!

What I think (and my scales at home agree with me) is that I really put on a few pounds, possibly 3 or 4, last week but the scales were broken and showed a loss.  This week I think (and again my scales agree with me) I have lost enough weight to recover from the week of excess.  So my plan is to ignore the weight watchers measurements for last week and pretend it never happened.

I am a bit annoyed about it.  Mostly at myself because I knew fine and well I had put on weight so I should have asked them to reset their scales.  Knowing all things technical they way I do I’m sure all they would have had to do was turn them off and on again (cue The IT Crowd) and that would have sorted them out.

Anyway, official weight in says I put on 1.5 pounds.  I plan to ignore that and carry on as before.

Triumph and Qualms: Juneathon – Day 6

Ah, such a strange day it turned out to be.

My home scales reaffirmed what I already knew – that eating nonstop for a week had caused me to put on a few pounds.  No surprise there at all.

Then, not despondent but not exactly up beat either, I went for my Wednesday 5k.  I have been trying to work on my speed because, dear god, I could not get any slower.  Yesterday I tried to run a bit faster than usual for just over a mile and it was hard, hard, hard.  But doable.  Today I thought I would set out at that pace and see how far I could get.  It turns out I could manage the whole 5km at that pace (7:25 min/km).  Hurrah!  I was deliriously happy.  That’s the fastest 5km I’ve ever run.

And so I went to the Wednesday weigh in with a happy heart.  Oh yes, the scales wouldn’t have good news for me but what the hell.  I can run 5km in under 40 minutes!  But the scales turned up a two pound loss!  How can that be?  Seriously now, that makes no sense at all.  Unless the secret to weight loss is huge slabs of malteser cake?  Seems unlikely.  A couple of the other people at the meeting had similar unexpected losses.  We wondered if the scales were wacky and next week it will come back to bite us when we all weigh heavier than we expected.

Still, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  I shall take this as a welcome reprieve and grin like a loon because of the 5k time.

  • Distance: 5.11 km
  • Time: 37:55
  • Avg Pace: 7:25 min/km
  • Total Number of Streets: 643
  • Streets Completed: 37
  • Streets Left: 606
  • Percentage Completed: 5.75