Angel Delight

Well, that went well.  Ok, so I weigh exactly the same as last week.  I’m happy enough with that.  It was hardly a week of healthy eating.

Today I went out for a run first thing.  It’s very dark.  I don’t really mind.  5km in about 37 minutes.  Things are getting better.  I also managed to deliver some party invitations while I was out so the run had the added advantage of having a real purpose.

And I tracked my eating today.  So that is good.  Not so good perhaps was the enormous bowl of Angel Delight but there you go.  It was the first time I had seen any since I left school (quite a long time ago).  It was tasty but I have no urge to ever eat it again.

Points Used: 29

Distance: 5.09 km
Time: 37:38
Avg Pace: 7:24 min/km
Elevation Gain: 30 m
Calories: 399 C

The Fresh Start and Stress

So, how is the fresh start going?  It’s going ok.  A bit underwhelming.  I have started running again so that is a huge plus.  I have started being a bit more careful about my eating but nowhere nearly careful enough.  And I haven’t tracked my eating at all.

Hurrah for the running.  As for the food thing I’m sure it would bore us all rigid to see my food diary every day so I will spare us that.  That said I think it would be a good idea to keep a food diary.  I think I’ll report back the daily WW points for a while and see how that goes.

Things have been very stressful here.  Our house renovations are terrifyingly expensive.  Though this has had the benefit of making me extra aware of how much money I spend eating out.  Ill wind that blows no good.  And some of my family are having health problems which is also terrifying.  Again, ill wind etc … I am extra concerned about our food being healthy.  Bugger the silver lining; I could do without these extra motivations.  I am trying very hard not to let the stress lead me to junk food and booze and mostly succeeding.  The running really does help with the stress but I’m not able to nip out for a run whenever I want whereas junk food and booze is easier to have at hand.  It’s a problem.

Cambridge Half Marathon

I have signed up for my second half marathon.  Cause the first one was so much fun.  No, honestly it was.  In a really sore legs for a week afterwards kind of way.  Plus, I took so long to get round I really felt like I got my moneys worth.  I’m going to do the Cambridge Half Marathon.  Cambridge is pretty.  And more importantly, Cambridge is pretty flat.

Looking back at my Garmin records I see that I was running 5k in 48 minutes this time last year.  This year, after a summer of idleness, I can run 5k in 38 minutes.  There are 20k in a half marathon so that means that this year I’ll be able to shave off 40 minutes.  Ha.  Ha, ha, ha.

I managed two runs this week and I’m planning to fit in another one on Sunday.  I’d like to be running four times a week but I’m going to take things a bit easy for a couple of weeks and stick to three (hopefully).

Yesterday’s run:

Total Number of Streets: 650
Streets Completed: 93
Streets Left: 557
Percentage Completed: 14.31

Distance: 3.22 mi
Time: 38:13
Avg Pace: 11:52 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 18 ft
Calories: 410 C

Turns Outs It’s Fun to Run

Oh, I knew this already.  I knew that it would improve my mood and even help my sinuses.  And yet I have only managed one or two runs a month since the beginning of the summer.  Ridiculous.

So, this morning I got up early enough to run, shower and start breakfast before Mr Less had to leave for work.  It was dark (where are my flashing reflective arm band thingys?).  It was cold (where are my gloves?).  It was half past five.  Good god.

Anyway, it was also marvellous.  I set out running at the pace I would like to run and it was fabulous.  Not that that pace lasted, of course, but for a couple of minutes at the beginning I was flying.  Later on I slowed right down.  Oh, so slow.  I guess that that was particially because I haven’t run since June and particially because I started off too fast.  But I still feel that it was worth starting off fast for the sheer joy of flying.

I think I’ll do it again.  Just not tomorrow.


Total Number of Streets: 649
Streets Today: 14 (A Personal Best!)
Streets Completed: 87
Streets Left: 562
Percentage Completed: 13.41


Distance: 5.30 km
Time: 43:01
Avg Pace: 8:07 min/km
Elevation Gain: 25 m
Calories: 366 C

Back again. Again.

I fear that this blog is going to consist of a series of posts that consist of the phrase “So now I’m going to start again.”

So what are my reasons (excuses) for being so flaky this time.  Personal stress, house moving, school starting, a series of minor illnesses, various appointments getting in the way of getting to a WW meeting.  All those things are true, but the real reason?  The real, true reason?  I put my scales into storage when we moved house.  And, apparently, if I can’t weight myself I stop completely.  Who knew?  Strange, isn’t it, that it is such a small thing that makes everything grind to a halt.

On Wednesday I finally got to a WW meeting and things went very well.  Sadly, I think the weight loss was down to being ill the week before and spending two days in bed eating nothing at all.

Today I am going to plug in the Wii and see if I can use the fit board thingy to weigh myself.  If that is too much palaver I am seriously considering getting a cheap set of scales.

In other good news Zombies, Run have developed a Couch To 5k type app.  I’m going to treat myself to it and use it to increase my speed.  Do jogs and runs rather than walks and jogs.

So now I’m going to start again.