How to Make Your GP Laugh

So, the cough that wouldn’t go away?  In the end I felt so bad that I took the wee ones and the three of us went to the GP so that we could all discuss it.  Not ideal but at the time I couldn’t find the energy to ring round to find someone to look after them for an hour.  Not, with hindsight, a good sign.

The GP Laughs (one): “So I suppose this is just one of those upper respiratory tract viral things?” Ha, ha, ha, ha. No.

The GP Laughs (two): “I’ll still be able to go for a run?”  Ha, ha, ha, ha. No.

So, there you go.  Janathon banjaxed on the very second day.  No running for me for at least a week.  Yes, ok, I should have gone to the doctors earlier but if I went every time I had a cold, cough, sore throat etc I’d never be out of the place.  I have a chest infection.  Nothing scary or worrying but bad enough for the doctor to recommend a few days bed rest.  Excuse me while I take my turn to laugh.  But I have been taking it easy and hopefully the antibiotics will do their work and all will be well soon.

I am incredibly hacked off about this.  Roll on Juneathon.

Pah and also humbug.


Juneathon Fail

Booooo!  We have spent the last fortnight taking turns being ill.  And if the children are ill and can’t sleep then they like to share that with the grown ups.  And so the end of Juneathon came and went and I did nothing but wipe noses and grouch about not being able to take a sickie and stay in bed.  The most annoying thing about being a stay at home mother (apart from having to call myself a SAHM) is the absence of sick leave.  Children are relentless is their need to be fed, clothed and looked after.

Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Apart from fizzling out at the end I really enjoyed Juneathon.  I’m definitely planning on doing the January version and I hope to do a bit more running as well.  Sheer, lovely, optimism.

On a more positive note I did the local Race for Life and managed to do it in just over 35 minutes which isn’t bad considering just how much dodging round people you have do.  My biggest ambition is to start with the runners.  Perhaps next year.  The weather is always lovely for the RfL and as always it took me two hours to go from scarlet to my normal pallid skin colour.  Thank goodness for long peaked caps.  I’m definitely going to treat myself to a pair of running sunglasses.