Nearly Well

I am nearly well and so is all my family.  Sigh.  We have spent the last couple of weeks sharing a bad cold and cough.  As soon as one of us gets well another one gets ill.  It has all been a bit draining.  And because when we are ill we need lots of vitamins and rest I have been eating nothing but biscuits and haven’t been going to bed until twelve.  Why exactly do I do this?  I am more (way more) than old enough now to know that this is silly and yet there I am at half eleven putting off going to bed.

So, once again, I am starting afresh.  And the things I am going to do are:

  • Eat breakfast at breakfast time (not after school run!)
  • Do some exercise every day (even a miniscule amount)
  • Go to bed before tomorrow.

Right, a couple of days of that to let those good habits settle in and then we’re going to have to talk about the Five Portions a Day plan and why I think I was wrong to choose it as the next good habit.

Weighed in at the WW meeting on Wednesday and the news was better than I had expected.  Stayed the same at 10 stone 10 which is the lightest I have been since babies.

Also, I signed up for this Diet Bet thing an age ago and have just got an email inviting me to a game (game?  really?).  I don’t know, I sign up for these things on a whim and never really investigate them.  I think I might have a go and see what it’s like.


Juneathon – Days no idea – Wheeeeeee, Kabooooom!

And it was all going so well.  Then I had my daughters birthday party to organise and hold and on top of that I have come down with the most soul sucking cold I have had in a long time.  Tricky to serve out sticky birthday cake when all you want to do is go and lie down.

Any way, I’m away to lie down now … no, of course not, apparently small children refuse to look after themselves even if you are ill.  Gits.  Nevermind, they’ll look after me in my old age, won’t they?  I’m hoping for a nice nursing home with a spa and world class restaurant.  Not much to hope for?