Here? Again?

Oh look, it’s the eighteenth “I really must do something about my weight” post in a row.

Seriously though, it’s getting a bit silly.

This time everything will be different.   No, don’t laugh, it will.  Oh, go on then, laugh away.

So, this time I am going to track what I eat and do some exercise.   Doesn’t sound too complicated.  I am going to run and I have joined a gym.   At the gym I have a trainer.  She seems lovely and very down to earth.  I’ve had one session with her and haven’t been able to move freely for two days.   I can’t tell yet if that is a good thing or not.

See you soon (no, really, I’m sure there’ll be more than one post this year).


The Annual January Cliché

Goodness, is that the time.

Now, I know you will all (yes, I am aware I am talking to my own multiple personalities) be surprised to hear this but since I stopped blogging, stopped keeping track of my diet and stopped making any effort what so ever I have put on weight.  I know, I know, it is so very shocking.

And in keeping with the shock and awe of this post I am going to follow up with random clichés regarding January, a new year, a new start.  Yada, yada, yada.

I need to lose some weight.  I have put some on since the last time I seriously tried to get rid of it.  Not all of it has come back which is cheery but too much.

I need to do some exercise.  The wee ones are getting bigger, stronger, faster and I would like to be able to keep up with them.  At least now while they are still much smaller than I am.

So, here goes.  Again, again, again, again, again.


Back again. Again.

I fear that this blog is going to consist of a series of posts that consist of the phrase “So now I’m going to start again.”

So what are my reasons (excuses) for being so flaky this time.  Personal stress, house moving, school starting, a series of minor illnesses, various appointments getting in the way of getting to a WW meeting.  All those things are true, but the real reason?  The real, true reason?  I put my scales into storage when we moved house.  And, apparently, if I can’t weight myself I stop completely.  Who knew?  Strange, isn’t it, that it is such a small thing that makes everything grind to a halt.

On Wednesday I finally got to a WW meeting and things went very well.  Sadly, I think the weight loss was down to being ill the week before and spending two days in bed eating nothing at all.

Today I am going to plug in the Wii and see if I can use the fit board thingy to weigh myself.  If that is too much palaver I am seriously considering getting a cheap set of scales.

In other good news Zombies, Run have developed a Couch To 5k type app.  I’m going to treat myself to it and use it to increase my speed.  Do jogs and runs rather than walks and jogs.

So now I’m going to start again.

Grinding to a Halt.

Beeminder Graph 16/07/2012

I know, I know that weight loss slows down.  That those first heady couple of weeks when everything is tracked, everything is wholewheat, everything is cooked from fresh don’t last forever.

But look a the graph.  My weight loss goes down, down, down and then BUMP! It stops going down.  Granted it hasn’t started going up but we aren’t in maintenance yet!  Things have ground to a halt.  Every day I start thinking that this day is the day I will start afresh and every day I don’t have breakfast until ten o’clock and it’s all down hill from there.

Today I shall start afresh.  Even though I had breakfast at ten.  Honest, guv.

PS. I’m using to graph the changes in my weigh.  I started because I wanted to see over all trends rather than just the up and down jags of every day but I particularly like the rose coloured dots that only show the good news!