Seedy Snacks

Save me, there are still children’s easter chocolates stashed in the kitchen.  I am eating seeds from the Graze box but I can help thinking that a chocolate bunny would go better with my cup of tea.

I have a horrible feeling that I would lose weight if I gave up drinking tea and coffee.  There is a lot of snacking related to having a cuppa.


Home Alone

Due to a terrible workload, and not at all due to watching the footie in the pub and going for a curry, Mr Less isn’t expected home this evening until near midnight.  Normally this would be my cue for a couple of posh bottled beers and an enormous Chinese takeaway that should feed two but would all be for me.

Tonight I indulged myself by putting Stilton in my omelette and am going to go wild and have one of those Cadbury’s Highlights Hot Chocolates.  I really like the Highlights instant hot chocolates.  We bought the ordinary Cadbury’s instant hot chocolate once and it really wasn’t so nice.  It seemed to leave a coating in my mouth that the low cal stuff doesn’t.  Of course, both are helped by adding a big shot of Amaretto but we try not to think of that now.

My eating was getting out of hand today.  I’m not sure what exactly went wrong but there is a list of suspects:

  • No breakfast until after the school run, four hours after I woke up
  • Ate lunch early and didn’t eat enough.  I was fooled once again by the magical shrinking greens.  I had a bit of last nights dinner left over and I thought to stretch it out by adding a big heap of rocket.  Of course, when I warmed it all up the enormous heap of greens shrunk down to a spoonful and my big lunch shrunk with it.
  • Had a box of Weight Watchers sweets.  Tasty, low in points, all good.  But then I had the taste of sugar and just wanted more and more snacky food.

And those are my excuses for the slice of fried bread.

Three Hour Dinners

I don’t know.  I think I’m tracking things fairly accurately and yet I seem to be eating all the time.  Hopefully this is just because I am eating more fruit and veg.  Still, I worry.

Also, the evening disintegrates into an extended feast.  I’ve been trying to eat with the children if I’m hungry instead of trying to wait until Mr. Less comes back from work but I find myself snacking after bedtime until his dinner.  I feel like I’m eating from five o’clock to eight o’clock.  Perhaps it won’t matter if I’ve spent the hour snacking on cucumber sticks and asparagus?  Time will tell.  Perhaps in the past I still ate for three hours but in those days it was left overs from the children’s dinner and cheese.  There was certainly wine.

It still seems wrong.  Not grown up.  Like something you would do the first week you move away from home.  Perhaps I should try to have all the snacky bits with dinner and get it over with.  Be too full to move.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I’ll know then if I’m on the right track or not.