The Blog of a Thousand Fresh Starts

I was going to title this post The Blog of a Million Fresh Starts but then I realised that I’ll probably want to use that title later this year.

Anyway, my confidence is dwindling.  The summer holidays are here so Girl 1 is with me FOR EVERY WAKING HOUR.  I love her, love her, do but there is no escape from talk about Rainbow Fairies and Kung Fu Panda.  Plus we are moving to a much smaller house  while we get this one fixed up a bit.  Now I realise that might sound like our own house is quite big but in reality it means that the other house is very tiny.  Everything has to be moved to either the tiny house or into storage.  My mother is coming to help which is marvelous but will lead to us wanting to throttle each other and also to lots of curries.

Where will I find time to run, blog, track, obsessively read other weight loss and fitness blogs?  Where?  I shall have to have a normal life.  A life like my friends and family.  A life where I actually turn the computer off.  I’m not sure I can take the culture shock.

Weigh in on my scales this morning: 10 stones 11 pounds.  That’s up three pounds on my recent lowest weight but given my lifestyle recently I’m not distressed about it.


Wednesday Weigh In – The Wrong Direction

Hmmmm, so official Weight Watchers weigh in day today.  I am worryingly relieved to find that, although my weight has gone in the wrong direction, I have only put on half a pound.  Not good but not what I feel I deserved for a week of eating all sorts of random food.

Remember that breakfast habit.  So do I.  I fondly remember it.  Turns out that all I need is a week or two of being ill and prioritising bed over breakfast for me to lose that habit again. It isn’t helped by the warm (if wet) weather which doesn’t really suit porridge.  I think that I will start this habit again and have an ad hoc muesli of oats, nuts/seeds and chopped fresh fruit with skimmed milk.  That shouldn’t take longer to make than the porridge did.

And I need to start exercising again soon.  I did some bodyweight exercises on Sunday and had to spend the afternoon in bed (though these things are possibly not directly related).  But I’m feeling much better now.  So perhaps tomorrow I’ll go out for a nice slow run in the morning.  I miss Juneathon.

Goal for the week: Eat breakfast at breakfast time

Nearly Well

I am nearly well and so is all my family.  Sigh.  We have spent the last couple of weeks sharing a bad cold and cough.  As soon as one of us gets well another one gets ill.  It has all been a bit draining.  And because when we are ill we need lots of vitamins and rest I have been eating nothing but biscuits and haven’t been going to bed until twelve.  Why exactly do I do this?  I am more (way more) than old enough now to know that this is silly and yet there I am at half eleven putting off going to bed.

So, once again, I am starting afresh.  And the things I am going to do are:

  • Eat breakfast at breakfast time (not after school run!)
  • Do some exercise every day (even a miniscule amount)
  • Go to bed before tomorrow.

Right, a couple of days of that to let those good habits settle in and then we’re going to have to talk about the Five Portions a Day plan and why I think I was wrong to choose it as the next good habit.

Weighed in at the WW meeting on Wednesday and the news was better than I had expected.  Stayed the same at 10 stone 10 which is the lightest I have been since babies.

Also, I signed up for this Diet Bet thing an age ago and have just got an email inviting me to a game (game?  really?).  I don’t know, I sign up for these things on a whim and never really investigate them.  I think I might have a go and see what it’s like.

Wednesday Weigh In

Ohhhh, a bit of a “surely not, too good to be true” weigh in today.  I do hope it isn’t like the other week when the scales were dodgy.  That said, my own scales point to a downward trend so lets stick with the good news.

The good news is I lost 4.5 pounds.  A bit of a shocker.  I’d been paying attention to what I ate and made some good choices (hurrah for Sainsbury’s Cafe putting the calories of each meal on the menu!) but I hadn’t tracked or been particularly careful.  This was my first official under 11 stone weigh in.  Whoooo!

And, apparently, I should have been given a sticker for losing 5% of my body weight a week or two ago.  So, hurrah for that as well.  Not only did I get a sticker (living with small children has shown me just how important stickers are!) but I also got a WW booklet called Fabulous at 5%.  Hmmm, I like all that sort of stuff but it was so obviously pushing more WW products that it was a bit annoying and didn’t have much to do with being fabulous at all.


Wednesday Weigh In

Ah, last week I said that we (the weighing in public) thought that the scales were wonky.  And so it turns out that they were.  Accord to the official scales I lost 1.5 pounds last week and put it back on again this week.  Ha!

What I think (and my scales at home agree with me) is that I really put on a few pounds, possibly 3 or 4, last week but the scales were broken and showed a loss.  This week I think (and again my scales agree with me) I have lost enough weight to recover from the week of excess.  So my plan is to ignore the weight watchers measurements for last week and pretend it never happened.

I am a bit annoyed about it.  Mostly at myself because I knew fine and well I had put on weight so I should have asked them to reset their scales.  Knowing all things technical they way I do I’m sure all they would have had to do was turn them off and on again (cue The IT Crowd) and that would have sorted them out.

Anyway, official weight in says I put on 1.5 pounds.  I plan to ignore that and carry on as before.

Triumph and Qualms: Juneathon – Day 6

Ah, such a strange day it turned out to be.

My home scales reaffirmed what I already knew – that eating nonstop for a week had caused me to put on a few pounds.  No surprise there at all.

Then, not despondent but not exactly up beat either, I went for my Wednesday 5k.  I have been trying to work on my speed because, dear god, I could not get any slower.  Yesterday I tried to run a bit faster than usual for just over a mile and it was hard, hard, hard.  But doable.  Today I thought I would set out at that pace and see how far I could get.  It turns out I could manage the whole 5km at that pace (7:25 min/km).  Hurrah!  I was deliriously happy.  That’s the fastest 5km I’ve ever run.

And so I went to the Wednesday weigh in with a happy heart.  Oh yes, the scales wouldn’t have good news for me but what the hell.  I can run 5km in under 40 minutes!  But the scales turned up a two pound loss!  How can that be?  Seriously now, that makes no sense at all.  Unless the secret to weight loss is huge slabs of malteser cake?  Seems unlikely.  A couple of the other people at the meeting had similar unexpected losses.  We wondered if the scales were wacky and next week it will come back to bite us when we all weigh heavier than we expected.

Still, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  I shall take this as a welcome reprieve and grin like a loon because of the 5k time.

  • Distance: 5.11 km
  • Time: 37:55
  • Avg Pace: 7:25 min/km
  • Total Number of Streets: 643
  • Streets Completed: 37
  • Streets Left: 606
  • Percentage Completed: 5.75


Well, perhaps dread is a bit too strong a word.  Then again perhaps it isn’t.

I have put on, according to my own scales, a about four pounds since last Wednesday.  I’m impressed and amazed at how easy it was.  A birthday party, a visitor, a few drinks and too many sweet things.  I ate the way I used to.  

I haven’t drank as much booze as I used to and I’ve definitely done more exercise than before so there was some improvement.  

I have a question.  How come I don’t weight a hell of a lot more if this is the outcome from only one week of poor eating? Bad as things were I wasn’t putting on four pounds a week.