10k with Hills and a Ford

Not a Ford Focus!  A real live ford with water and a big, big ruler thing to tell you if you are mad to try drive across.  Thankfully the wonderful people of Essex were wise and considerate enough to put a foot bridge next to it so I didn’t have to get my feet wet.  I was very glad.

Focus on the Ford

Focus on the Ford

Isn’t running in the countryside interesting.  You can’t really nosy in through peoples front windows like you can in the town and there is far too little footpath but there are fords, animals, big farm machinery harvesting some sort of turnip/sugar beet type thing, houses with names that relate to what work you do, houses with names that relate to which bit of the Empire you retired from and lots more hills.

I quite like hills.  They have a big novelty factor.  But the next time I plan a route along roads I don’t know I’m going to check the gradients and make sure that the last two kilometres doesn’t include the steepest hill of the entire run.

And now I’m thinking I might train for that half marathon in March after all.  Well, start to train and see what happens.  I promised myself that if I could manage 10k today and not feel like death I’d have a go.  7StoneItch suggested the Asics app.  I haven’t looked at the app but I have tried their on line training plan generator and it claims that I have just enough time and no more.  I’m going to study it a bit more closely and if it seems even remotely reasonable I’ll give it a try.

Distance: 10.65 km
Time: 1:24:51
Avg Pace: 7:58 min/km
Elevation Gain: 61 m
Calories: 791 C

Ohhh, more excuses.

I’ll have you know I have done some exercise (ran once) and weighed in (new house scales which measure me half a stone lighter than any other).  And that is that.

It has not been a good summer for exercise and weight loss.  But it has been a good and a busy summer and I’m happy with that.  We have finished moving into a smaller house while our house is fixed so I can relax and get back to normality.  

Well, I could, except that I’m visiting my mum for a couple of weeks.  The main problem with this isn’t that healthy eating isn’t going to happen (though that is a problem) but that the girls wake her up in the morning instead of me.  Heaven.  But if I’m not up early then the chances of getting out of the house for a run diminish dramatically.

Finally, today, I managed to get my trainers on and head for the hills.  Lots of lovely hills.  Many hills.  To make things more interesting I used the Zombies Run app which never fails to amuse me (caveat: I have only used it twice – did I mention this hasn’t been a great summer for exercise?) and ran to one of the Game of Throne filming locations.  Didn’t bump into any dire wolves but the zombies did catch me!  Boo.  I blame those hills.

Now I can feel each and every individual muscle in my legs and bum.  And it feels fantastic!