Still here.

Granted I haven’t actually posted anything but I have been doing lots of exercise.   No really I have.   I’m using some money from my Mum (feels oddly wrong, how old am I?) to pay for a trainer once a week at the gym and running a couple of times a week.

Best thing recently?  Doing the Race For Life with my nine year old daughter.   She is very active so I knew she would get round but I assumed we’d have to stop a lot.  Ha, shows what I know.  We got round in 41 minutes which is a fine time for her first 5k specially when there was such a crowd to dodge through.  Cartwheeling over the finish line was a nice touch (her not me).

Last day of school today.  It’ll be interesting to see how we can fit my exercise in with having the girls at home all day. 

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