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Ok, Christmas and the season of massive over indulgence is over.  My chest infection is clearing up nicely (hurrah for modern medicine!) but has stopped me obsessing about Janathon.  Time to think about my belly again.

Over Christmas I thought about what was stopping me (apart from Christmas) losing weight.   I originally wrote “stopping me eating better” but lets be honest here about our motivations. It seems a bit silly but I stopped trying to lose weight as soon as my scales when into storage (oh when will I ever live in my own house again?).  Then I tried to use the Wii Fit as a scale but the palaver of switching everything on, finding the controller and then going through the gazillion screens until I got to the speak your weight one was too much hassle.  Plus I lived in constant fear that I would forget to mute the TV before I started causing the cheery little tune to ring out, wake the children and cause my living room to be filled with small girls demanding Mario Cart before breakfast.

Now, correlation implies causation and all that.  Perhaps it was just coincidence that I ran out of steam just when we put most of our belongings into storage.  But it was so easy to remedy this one that it seemed foolish not to give it a go.  Sainsbury’s had bathroom scales on sale in their seasonal aisle so that was that.

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