How to Make Your GP Laugh

So, the cough that wouldn’t go away?  In the end I felt so bad that I took the wee ones and the three of us went to the GP so that we could all discuss it.  Not ideal but at the time I couldn’t find the energy to ring round to find someone to look after them for an hour.  Not, with hindsight, a good sign.

The GP Laughs (one): “So I suppose this is just one of those upper respiratory tract viral things?” Ha, ha, ha, ha. No.

The GP Laughs (two): “I’ll still be able to go for a run?”  Ha, ha, ha, ha. No.

So, there you go.  Janathon banjaxed on the very second day.  No running for me for at least a week.  Yes, ok, I should have gone to the doctors earlier but if I went every time I had a cold, cough, sore throat etc I’d never be out of the place.  I have a chest infection.  Nothing scary or worrying but bad enough for the doctor to recommend a few days bed rest.  Excuse me while I take my turn to laugh.  But I have been taking it easy and hopefully the antibiotics will do their work and all will be well soon.

I am incredibly hacked off about this.  Roll on Juneathon.

Pah and also humbug.

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