Nearly Monday

And we all know what Monday means?  Yes, it’s that new beginning that I promise myself every weekend.  This Monday I will exercise, eat more veg, drink more water, track, weight, diet, preen, pluck … I may have gotten a bit carried away with that sentence.

But, cliche aside, that is the plan.  Sandi, here, describes how she plans to keep a diary and see if that helps.  I like this plan.  I’ve often kept a diary and it has often been useful so I have found a notebook and a pen and started.  So far it does not mention food, exercise or personal growth.  Instead it is all about my family.  I think I may have missed my own point.

1 thought on “Nearly Monday

  1. I don’t think you have missed your own point at all. My diary may not mention food, or exercise, what I am hoping is that by discussing deeper things (such as family) and how I am feeling about those, I might find the triggers that sabotage my quest for healthy eating and weight loss! I hope a diary helps you, I still need to get into a rhythm of writing in mine regularly. 🙂

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