The Fresh Start and Stress

So, how is the fresh start going?  It’s going ok.  A bit underwhelming.  I have started running again so that is a huge plus.  I have started being a bit more careful about my eating but nowhere nearly careful enough.  And I haven’t tracked my eating at all.

Hurrah for the running.  As for the food thing I’m sure it would bore us all rigid to see my food diary every day so I will spare us that.  That said I think it would be a good idea to keep a food diary.  I think I’ll report back the daily WW points for a while and see how that goes.

Things have been very stressful here.  Our house renovations are terrifyingly expensive.  Though this has had the benefit of making me extra aware of how much money I spend eating out.  Ill wind that blows no good.  And some of my family are having health problems which is also terrifying.  Again, ill wind etc … I am extra concerned about our food being healthy.  Bugger the silver lining; I could do without these extra motivations.  I am trying very hard not to let the stress lead me to junk food and booze and mostly succeeding.  The running really does help with the stress but I’m not able to nip out for a run whenever I want whereas junk food and booze is easier to have at hand.  It’s a problem.

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