Cambridge Half Marathon

I have signed up for my second half marathon.  Cause the first one was so much fun.  No, honestly it was.  In a really sore legs for a week afterwards kind of way.  Plus, I took so long to get round I really felt like I got my moneys worth.  I’m going to do the Cambridge Half Marathon.  Cambridge is pretty.  And more importantly, Cambridge is pretty flat.

Looking back at my Garmin records I see that I was running 5k in 48 minutes this time last year.  This year, after a summer of idleness, I can run 5k in 38 minutes.  There are 20k in a half marathon so that means that this year I’ll be able to shave off 40 minutes.  Ha.  Ha, ha, ha.

I managed two runs this week and I’m planning to fit in another one on Sunday.  I’d like to be running four times a week but I’m going to take things a bit easy for a couple of weeks and stick to three (hopefully).

Yesterday’s run:

Total Number of Streets: 650
Streets Completed: 93
Streets Left: 557
Percentage Completed: 14.31

Distance: 3.22 mi
Time: 38:13
Avg Pace: 11:52 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 18 ft
Calories: 410 C

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