Stay Fit Tips from Victoria Pendleton

I don’t know anything about being an Olympic class cyclist but I have a feeling that Victoria Pendleton’s fitness regime and even my ideal fitness regime have little in common.

With this in mind I clicked on Zest’s Victoria Pendleton’s Stay-fit Tricks with interest.  It appears that to be as fit as Victoria you have to spend two and a half hours in the morning in the gym and another three hours in the afternoon on the track.  That’s not really a stay-fit tip.

I don’t know.  I enjoyed the article.  It was interesting and informative.  And I like the sound of the giant Jaffa cake.  But I quibble about its title.  It’s less about staying fit and more about staying extremely fit.

She does sound marvelous.  I love the quote about being asked if she was unhappy with a silver medal in the World Championships – “and I’m thinking ‘it’s a silver medal at the world championships, how many silver medals have you got?’ “.

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