Sneaking to Weight Watchers

Right, first of all I am not embarrassed to say that I am (meant to be) following the Weight Watchers plan.  I mention it on this blog all the time.  I don’t bring it up in conversation unless someone asks me how I’ve lost weight but I don’t mind doing so.  Normally the only problem with losing weight with Weight Watchers is that it is a bit dull.  Other people are only eating orange food or only eating when the second hand on the clock is pointing to a prime number.  I am trying to eat more vegetables and watch my portions sizes.  See, not that exciting to talk about.

But now the school holidays are here there is a problem looming.  How am I going to hide the Weight Watcher’s meetings from my six year old daughter?  I do not talk about weight at home.  I never talk about Weight Watcher’s when she is in ear shot.  I try to hide the scales.  We talk about food.  What is healthy, why we eat vegetables and all that.  We do not skimp on sugary treats when we are out but we don’t often have them at home.  Her favourite thing to do is run and do cartwheels.  She is happy the way she is.  I know that the rest of the world is going to come crashing into our lives at some stage and we are going to have to talk about diets and body image one day.  I would like that day to be a long way away.

I shudder to think of her in that little community hall room.  That queue of nervous women chatting about being naughty or good.  The table full of processed snack food.   The scales.  The before and after photos.  The value judgements.

So now I have a month of trying to arrange playdates on Wednesday morning so she doesn’t find out about my dirty secret.  Before the holidays I didn’t think twice about going to Weight Watcher’s but now it has become something to hide.  It feels shameful.  It feels like something to hide.  And I’ve started to wonder that if I’m trying to hide it from her then perhaps it really is something to be concerned about.

I want a meeting where we all go for a five mile run and then have a huge, healthy lunch.  I’d take her to that meeting in a heat beat.

The question then becomes not “Why I am worried about Weight Watcher’s?” but “Why can’t I live that life without Weight Watcher’s?”.

1 thought on “Sneaking to Weight Watchers

  1. Really interesting post. It’s great that you are being a positive role model to your daughter. Maybe you should start a running group where you could take her to that meeting! I grew up with my Mum constantly on the Cambridge diet, or slimming pills or whatever the latest fad was and grew up with a really screwed idea of nutrition, it’s only in the last few years that i have really learnt what I should eat – now I have to apply it! I hope you manage to find a way to fit in the meetings you need.

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