The Blog of a Thousand Fresh Starts

I was going to title this post The Blog of a Million Fresh Starts but then I realised that I’ll probably want to use that title later this year.

Anyway, my confidence is dwindling.  The summer holidays are here so Girl 1 is with me FOR EVERY WAKING HOUR.  I love her, love her, do but there is no escape from talk about Rainbow Fairies and Kung Fu Panda.  Plus we are moving to a much smaller house  while we get this one fixed up a bit.  Now I realise that might sound like our own house is quite big but in reality it means that the other house is very tiny.  Everything has to be moved to either the tiny house or into storage.  My mother is coming to help which is marvelous but will lead to us wanting to throttle each other and also to lots of curries.

Where will I find time to run, blog, track, obsessively read other weight loss and fitness blogs?  Where?  I shall have to have a normal life.  A life like my friends and family.  A life where I actually turn the computer off.  I’m not sure I can take the culture shock.

Weigh in on my scales this morning: 10 stones 11 pounds.  That’s up three pounds on my recent lowest weight but given my lifestyle recently I’m not distressed about it.

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