What would Juneathon do?

So for the last couple of nights I have tweeted that I was going to go for a run in the morning and then didn’t.  This morning was shaping up to be exactly the same.  Bigger daughter had crawled into our bed in the middle of the night ensuring that there was no sleep to be had and then I kept hitting snooze until twenty to six.


Anyway, I thought I would get up and have a bath and enjoy the peace and quiet of a house full of sleeping people.  But when I got downstairs the spirit of Juneathon came to me.  So what if I only had time to run for twenty minutes, or even ten minutes.  It was getting trainers on and leaving the house that counted.  And so I did.  The weather is uncharacteristically lovely.  So I went out and ran round the streets to look at some houses I’m interested in.

Didn’t go far, didn’t go fast, but I did go!

And now I need to go and wash!

  • Distance: 2.77 km
  • Time: 22:11
  • Avg Pace: 8:00 min/km

  • Total Number of Streets: 645
  • Streets Completed: 71
  • Streets Left: 574
  • Percentage Complete: 11.01

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