Grinding to a Halt.

Beeminder Graph 16/07/2012

I know, I know that weight loss slows down.  That those first heady couple of weeks when everything is tracked, everything is wholewheat, everything is cooked from fresh don’t last forever.

But look a the graph.  My weight loss goes down, down, down and then BUMP! It stops going down.  Granted it hasn’t started going up but we aren’t in maintenance yet!  Things have ground to a halt.  Every day I start thinking that this day is the day I will start afresh and every day I don’t have breakfast until ten o’clock and it’s all down hill from there.

Today I shall start afresh.  Even though I had breakfast at ten.  Honest, guv.

PS. I’m using to graph the changes in my weigh.  I started because I wanted to see over all trends rather than just the up and down jags of every day but I particularly like the rose coloured dots that only show the good news!


4 thoughts on “Grinding to a Halt.

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