Breakfast Rehabiting

Ok, so I am a bit surprised to find out how easy it was to lose the breakfast habit.  Today I am a bit hungover so breakfast is going to be fast and comforting.  Toast, peanut butter and hopefully a banana (depending on the state of the fruit bowl).

I have an extra child staying with me for the morning which sounds like it should be more work but it turns out that two small children tend to entertain each other … otherwise I wouldn’t have the time to write this.  My plan, if you can call it that, is to see if they will make and eat that banana ice cream thing that is popular on the internet.  I’ve never done it before but there is real ice cream in the fridge as backup.

Yesterday was a terrible day for healthy eating.  I had a visitor who would only eat pies or pizza so eating out was restricted to those.  Pizza Hut spicy vegetarian pizza eaten while sitting out in the park turned out to be surprisingly nice.  I haven’t been to Pizza Hut in years and it was much nicer than expected.  And then later on I went out for drinks without having had dinner beforehand which is never really wise but there you go.


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