Juneathon – Day 28 – I nearly surrender

Still no running.  I’d nearly forgotten (how?) that I’m meant to be doing the Race For Life this weekend.  Sadly its on Sunday so it won’t count as a Juneathon run.  

The plan was to Gorilla bodyweight exercises yesterday, run this morning, run Friday morning, Gorilla on Saturday as official taper (as if the last week hasn’t been all taper and nothing else) and the race (snort!) on Sunday.  

The plan went well at the beginning.  Yesterday I Gorilla-ed and that was fine.  But then, after setting my alarm clock for hideous o’clock, my littlest daughter kept me awake for most of the night claiming to be afraid of the dark and that she needed breakfast at ten to four.  Suffice it to say that as soon as she had finally settled I turned off the alarm and slept until it was actually breakfast time.  

I seriously considered just throwing in my hand (is that a real saying?) and giving up on Juneathon.  But it would be a bit sad at this stage not to do something for the last couple of days.

Juneathon Day 28

Gorilla App

6 repeats of:

  • 10 Kneeling Kickups
  • 15 Wall push ups

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