Juneathon Day 21 (Wimped) and 22 (Ran!)

Yeah, yesterday I still didn’t have my mojo back.  It got to half past eleven so I did another Gorilla app workout and went to bed.

6 repeats of:

  • 15 squats
  • 5 crunchs


Today I actually got up after my alarm went off at five.  I probably would have switched it off and rolled over the but the littlest Less started grouching so I got up to check on her.  She had lost her blanket but was happy to be tucked back in and went back to sleep immediately.  Oh, it is so much easier, if less snuggly, that the days of babies when they would need to be fed, rocked and sang if there was to be any hope of more sleep.  

But I was up anyway so off I went for a speedy 5k.  Speedy for me, that is.  I felt like I was running just above my comfort level for the whole thing so that’s good.  I hope.  I really want to push on, to run a bit faster but I find I’m having to convince myself that a little discomfort is ok.  I think I associate being out of breath with not being able to run another step when in fact it is possible to be a bit puffed and still keep going.  I still had it in me to speed up a bit for the last half km so there must have been something left in the tank.


  • Distance: 5.05 km 
  • Time: 37:13 
  • Avg Pace: 7:22 min/km

  • Total Number of Streets: 645
  • Streets Completed: 63
  • Streets Left: 582
  • Percentage Completed: 9.77

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