Wednesday Weigh In

Ohhhh, a bit of a “surely not, too good to be true” weigh in today.  I do hope it isn’t like the other week when the scales were dodgy.  That said, my own scales point to a downward trend so lets stick with the good news.

The good news is I lost 4.5 pounds.  A bit of a shocker.  I’d been paying attention to what I ate and made some good choices (hurrah for Sainsbury’s Cafe putting the calories of each meal on the menu!) but I hadn’t tracked or been particularly careful.  This was my first official under 11 stone weigh in.  Whoooo!

And, apparently, I should have been given a sticker for losing 5% of my body weight a week or two ago.  So, hurrah for that as well.  Not only did I get a sticker (living with small children has shown me just how important stickers are!) but I also got a WW booklet called Fabulous at 5%.  Hmmm, I like all that sort of stuff but it was so obviously pushing more WW products that it was a bit annoying and didn’t have much to do with being fabulous at all.


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