Juneathon – Day 17 – Exhausted by Small Exhausted Girls

Ok, ok, so no running today.  It is Father’s Day so my morning was taken over by the making of bacon butties and encouraging the ever elaborate plans of my daughters (we’ll make Dad a card, we’ll make him two cards, we’ll make him a comic, we’ll take a photo of him and put it in the comic, we’ll dress him up while he sleeps then take a photo of him to put in the comic … or perhaps we’ll just do dressing up ourselves).

We took the girls to the swimming pool this morning.  The older one progressed to the next Stage and got a certificate, swimming hat and badge.  Oh and the undying envy of her sister.  So there was an hour and a half in the pool during which I swam 10 proper, no children helping, lengths.  I think I need to get a couple of lessons or at the very least find some online videos.  My stroke is all over the place and I don’t even know enough to know what to aim for.

And then after that we took the girls to the County Fair for the rest of the day.  Funfair rides, bouncy castles, knights, all manner of farm animals, ice creams and perhaps even a little glass of cider for the grown ups right at the end.  The girls were shattered by the time we headed for home.  You could tell the youngest was exhausted by the weeping.  The older one looked tired but still managed to do a 100 metre sprint and a thousand cartwheels on the way home.  The grown ups were exhausted from just watching it all.

Exercise today:

  • 10 lengths of the swimming pool
  • Over an hour of playing in the pool with the small girls
  • An entire day watching small girls have more fun that you could imagine
  • The bedtime of the hysterical, overexcited, completely exhausted small girls


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