Juneathon – Day 16

Ohhhhh, I actually went outside and ran today.  Bit of a shocker.  It was nice.  I thought I’d try for one of the distant (to me) long roads so I could mark it off on my map and spreadsheet.  Nerd.  Turns out the whole loop was all up hill and against the wind.  It’s the only explanation.

It was a nice enough run.  I told myself as I headed out that I would just run for fun and not look at my watch to pace myself.  And that is exactly what I did.  Then I came home and did all the normal evening type things.  Just before I started typing I got up to make a drink to take to bed.  Apparently I’m not used to running further than 5k any more.  I have completely seized up.  At least it’s only Fathers Day, children’s swimming and a county fair to go to tomorrow morning.  I should be well loosened up by the end of that.

  • Distance: 7.98 km
  • Time: 1:02:18
  • Avg Pace: 7:48 min/km
  • Completed streets today: 3
  • Total Number of Streets: 643
  • Streets Completed: 56
  • Streets Left: 587
  • Percentage Completed: 8.71%

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