Juneathon – Day 15

Another day doing domestic things. I didn’t get up early enough to run but managed to do another Gorilla workout. This time it was to do as many sets of 8 squats and 8 modified push ups as possible in 10 minutes. I managed 12 sets which was more than I would have guessed. Push ups are always my bête noir.

Fridays are never going to be the best days healthy eating wise because of the pizza and beer but today was particularly ropy due to skipping breakfast (sleep in and rush to school disaster). And then when I’d planned on nipping home between dropping off the bigger Ms Less and taking smaller Ms Less to playgroup it turned out there was a PTA meeting so I went to that. Then after playgroup smaller Ms Less asked so politely for pancakes that I made some. Of course when she saw then she wanted toast instead and so I ate them. Which might not be so bad except that it did nothing for my Eat 5 A Day habit.

Two almost saving graces – I only ate half a pizza and instead of beer I had pimms made up with diet lemonade.

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