Juneathon – Day 14 – What are those strange shapes on my face?

I was so shockingly tired yesterday that there was no way I was going to get up early to run.  And then the my daughter came home from school flushed and with a bit of a temperature so I decided that there would be no alarms and we would wake up in the morning whenever our bodies told us to.  Obviously my body was aiming for half ten or so but, even being a bit under the weather, my daughters roused themselves at half seven. Which is actually a bit of a lie in for them.

Stuck in the house with the ill girl and her sidekick, hyperactive sister, I wasn’t going to be able to go out for a run.  Then my iPod wasn’t charged and oh it was all a bit of a disaster. So I repeated Gorilla Day 10 which was 5 rounds of 8 squats and 20 supermans (supermen?).

I was looking at my reflection as I was doing the squats.  Chatting to myself, if I’m being honest, about my usual concerns (children, money, exercise, weight, Dragonage …) when I noticed a smudge on my face.  Or was it a little bruise.  I poked at it to see what it was (because if was a bruise then jabbing it with my finger was obviously the best approach).  But no! It was a shadow!  I think that, just maybe, it was actually a little shadow caused by my cheekbones finally reappearing out of the pudgy moon of my face!

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