Another Good Habit

Making breakfast a habit went very well.  It is a very rare day that I don’t have porridge and fruit and I can really tell the difference when I don’t.  I’m confident (cocky?) that that habit is set.  Though I wonder how much it would take to shake it.  One holiday away?  A few days sick?  Anyway, I have it for now so hurrah!

The next habit on the list was to eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day.  This sounds like a trickier habit to make as it isn’t as clear and precise as the breakfast habit.  In fact, now I think of it, I only really care about eating more veg and the fruit thing is covered by the fruit with my breakfast.  So lets tighten up the goal to be 5 or more portions of vegetables a day.

It’s already after lunctime here so it’s unlikely that I’ll fit in five portions of veg today.  But I’ll see how close I get and then start in earnest tomorrow.

I think I will do what I do for the children and make myself a reward chart.  It’s not fair that children get all the gold stars!

5 A Day – Gold Stars For Mummy!

2 thoughts on “Another Good Habit

    • Yes. That would be a good idea. I should prep enough veg to last me a couple of days. I’m afraid that when the snack urge is upon me I wouldn’t be bothered to find the peeler when I could just lift an Easter egg!

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