Juneathon – Day 13

Hurrah and hurrah again.  Two good things today.  First, the sun is out and there is blue sky.  Granted it isn’t actually all that warm but I really don’t care.  Sunny and dry is good with me.  Second, I managed a new personal best for my Wednesday 5k!  Right down to 35:19.  Oh so close to 35 minutes.  Very close.

But progress has been amazing recently. It’s almost as if by doing some exercise every day I am actually getting fitter.  What a surprise!

Of course, as soon as the sun begins to shine my daughter demands that she is slathered in sun screen.  I feel as though I should definitely encourage this so I do even though I’m not convinced it’s going to be all that sunny today.  And isn’t she meant to be indoors at school learning stuff?  I tried a new sun cream on her that is meant to last for 8 hours.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it really did, it’s so sticky.  Ah, for my far off youth when no one had heard of melanomas and shedding a layer of burnt skin was just a sign of summer beginning.  It was easier then.  Dangerous, very dangerous and also stupid but easier.

  • Distance: 5.14 km
  • Time: 36:17
  • Avg Pace: 7:04 min/km


  • Total Number of Streets: 643
  • Streets Completed: 53
  • Streets Left: 590
  • Percentage Completed: 8.24

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