Juneathon – Day 12

So tired.  Very, very tired.  So I’m going to type this up and head to bed.  No, that’s not quite right.  I’m going to type this up, get my running kit ready for tomorrow and then go to bed.  Lovely, lovely bed.  Why do my children hate bed so?

Got up hideous early this morning and did the third run in the second week of the Get Running app.  Run for 1.5 mintes.  Jog for 2 minutes.  Repeat 6 times.

A much better performance than the last time I attempted these intervals.  Didn’t have to walk at all though one of the jogs was slower than most walks.  Still, lets not quibble.  On wards and up  wards.

  • Distance: 3.30 km
  • Time: 25:15
  • Avg Pace: 7:39 min/km
  • Total Number of Streets: 643

  • Streets Completed Today: 4
  • Streets Completed: 48
  • Streets Left: 595
  • Percentage Completed: 7.47


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