Juneathon – Day 10

I nearly forgot Juneathon today.  The morning was busy with taking the the Little Lesses to the swimming pool and the afternoon busy with getting them shoes (and perhaps a nice dress for myself!).

I’m going plan the next three days of dinners and watch one episode of Rome (I have a bad tendency to binge watch old TV series) and then go upstairs and do what ever exercises the Gorilla app tells me to.  It’ll give me time to digest my dinner before I start.

Time passes ….

Exercises done!

Gorilla Day 10

5 Rounds of:

8 squats

20 Supermans


Right, must go to bed.  Need to get up early and run tomorrow before the rest of the house wakes.  All the children will be out of the house tomorrow morning but I plan to at least make an attempt at getting the house back into shape after half term while they’re out.  There is barely enough bare floor to walk into the living room.  Every surface is covered in Playmobile and Lego.

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