Token Gesture Juneathon – Day 8

I have a cold, my children are off for half term, I was busy all day …. la, la, la.  It is past bedtime by a long way and I have done no exercise all day.

Any second now I’m going to leap off the couch and do some exercise because I’d be annoyed at myself if I didn’t.  But its not going to involve my arms or shoulders because, and yes I think I did whinge about this yesterday, it turns out that push ups are real exercise and  if you do more than you are used to (>0) everything aches the next day (or two).  God, how I love parentheses.

Any second now ……

Seriously, here I go ….

Whhheeeeee! I actually moved.  It’s a miracle.

Well, that was interesting.  Gorilla Day 9 was all squats and crunches.  And apparently the push ups work your stomach muscles as well?  Oh yes, and there I was just worrying about never being able to lift my arms above should height again.  Turns out my stomach has had a bit of a work out as well.  All good as long as I can go to bed now and not have to move for a few hours (or days).

2 thoughts on “Token Gesture Juneathon – Day 8

  1. “I have a cold”
    if I have a cold (and no fever) – i force myself to do the cardio anyway. it’s miserable, i know. BUT – once you get going you get some blessed decongestion. Doesn’t last long, but it’s nice while it does when you’ve been stuffed up all day. It’s not bad once you get going – it’s just getting up off the couch that’s miserable.

    • Hmmm, you must be right. I’ve found that a bit of nookie helps with decongestion for a while as well. But it can be tricky to find someone to help with that when you have a bunged up nose and sneeze all the time. Easier to go for a run!

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