Birthdays, Half Term and Babysitters

All the things in the title of this post are good things really. They are. Except for one small problem, they all seem to involve cake, chips and pubs. This has not been a good week for counting points unless there is a competition to see who can end up with the most points. I am so going to win that competition. I hope the prize is another massive chocolate cake because I’ve just finished off the last one.

Oh, and that breakfast habit? I so haven’t been doing that.


Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Lets start again.

3 thoughts on “Birthdays, Half Term and Babysitters

  1. Exactlly. If it makes you feel better, today I have eaten a bacon sandwich, a burger king and a chinese (from M & S) and am now chomping my way through a dairy milk bar. Tomorrow is a new day…

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