The Breakfast Club

I don’t want to get too cocky about this but the breakfast habit is increasingly entrenched.  I had planned to go wild at the weekend and have poached eggs and crumpets but when it came to getting out a pot I decided to just have porridge and fruit again.  Long may this last.

It seems definite now that eating porridge for breakfast makes a huge difference.  I’ve tried other breakfasts from the Weight Watchers magazine and although they were lovely none of them beat porridge and fruit for ease and for satiety.

That said, if I do some exercise in the morning after breakfast time I feel hungry again by half past ten.  The first week I tried to just have a little snack and stick it out until lunch time but this turned out to be really hard and did lead me to want to eat every single thing in the house.  This week I am trying to have a very early lunch around eleven instead.  I suspect this will mean that I eat my dinner with the children instead of with Mr. Less but that’s not really a problem.

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