The Breakfast Habit – Day 2

Ohhhhh, breakfast two days in a row.  Go me!

I’m not following the Weight Watchers Easy Start meal by meal because a) I’m just not that organised b) it doesn’t fit in so well with the needs of the rest of my family (picky, picky, picky children).  None the less most of my meals will be coming from the booklet so we’ll see how that goes.

Today the plan is porridge for breakfast, stir fry for lunch and pasta and quorn bolagnaise for dinner.  Sounds ok.  My only worry, apart from not endlessly snacking, is that I’m taking the Little Lessers to a cafe for their dinner this evening.  A cafe that has a display cabinet full of homemade (cafe-made?) delights.  Time to read the reams of Weight Watchers blurb and find a reasonable snack.

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