Changing my spots.

Today I’ve been thinking that the long weekend is nearly over and I need to start taking this healthy diet thing seriously.

Habits I would like to make:

  • Eat breakfast. Almost everything I read says that this is important. So I feel I should at least give it a try.
  • Five portions or more of vegetables. How can it possibly be hard to do this? I do not know. I really like vegetables but if I’m not paying attention I end up subsisting on carbs, cheese and condiments.
  • At least one portion of fruit a day. Again how is this hard? And yet every time I buy fruit I end up throwing it’s mouldering remains into the compost heap.
  • Only eat one dinner a day and only my own dinner. The children’s leftovers are not part of my dinner so why do I eat them. And if I eat with them I do not need to eat again later with Mr. Less when he gets in from work.
  • Free time is not meal time. Having time to myself does not mean that I have to fill that time with food. There are more interesting ways of spending the time.
  • No booze on a school night.

I’m sure there are more but that list is long enough already.  So, here is the plan.  As a base I am going to log what I eat and try not to eat without thinking. And this week I am going to concentrate on eating breakfast every day.  How hard could it be? Ha, ha, ha, hysterical laughter, ha!



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